Seki, Japan, the cutlery capital, is situated in the center of the Japanese Archipelago. The history of the cutlery industry in Seki dates back 780 years.

The method used for tempering swords in those days was unique to Japan. Swords from Seki were such good quality and had such high artistic value that Seki became famous for its swords.

This traditional Japanese technique of swordmaking has been handed down from generation to generation to the present day. These techniques continue to be used to produce KASUMI knives which explains their excellent cutting ability and hardness.

KASUMI knives are worthy of being called a specialty of Seki.

New Kuro knives are developed by combining the best technologies from over a decade of experience in producing KASUMI series knives.

Kuro knives are handmade utilizing the skills of knife making specialists and crafted in the same fashion as traditional Japanese swords.

The core cutting blade of Kuro is made of Molybdenum Vanadium high carbon stainless Steel. Damascus pattern on both sides of blades is the result of repeated folding and forging of KASUMI KURO high carbon stainless steel into multiple layers and hammer pattern has been forged. Uneven hammer design helps to avoid the food sticks on the blade.

The beauty of the KASUMI pattern together with traditional Japanese design of the strong black laminated wood handles makes these knives look graceful, yet strong, and good for any style cooking.